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The Society of London Toastmasters was formed in January 1953 and is the oldest of the various Toastmaster organisations that currently exist in the UK

The Society consists of highly qualified and experienced professional Toastmasters who work predominantly in the City of London where strict protocols are observed and in the West End of London where the corporate world hold its many and varied events.

Our members have, and continue to provide Toastmasters for every type of function which vary from Royal State Banquets to Government and Diplomatic receptions; from Corporate lunches and dinners to high profile celebrity Charity Events; from Society Weddings and anniversary dinners to birthday parties and informal garden parties where less formality is required.

The members of the Society are able to provide exactly the level of formality and event co-ordination that ensures our clients' expectations are met and usually surpassed.

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Although named ‘The Society of London Toastmasters’ our members do in fact work all over the UK and throughout Europe, and have officiated at functions in the United States where members of the Royal Family have been guests of honour.

The Society of London Toastmasters has the unique distinction of providing the Toastmaster for the City of London Lord Mayor’s Annual Banquet for more than 50 years. During that same period we have also provided the Toastmaster for virtually all the State Banquets held in honour of visiting Royals or Heads of State to the UK. Our members regularly officiate at functions attended by members of the Royal Family and members of the other European Royal families.

Our members continue to provide their services for the grand dinners of the City Livery Companies, for major organisations and institutions and at the many high profile events organised by the Variety Club of Great Britain, The Lords Taverners, The Lady Taverners, The Grand Order of Water Rats and The Wooden Spoon Society to name but a few. We also provided the Toastmaster for the Inaugural Ball celebrating the launch of the world's biggest passenger liner, the Queen Mary II in January 2004.

Apart from sounding our gavels and making those formal introductory announcements, our members are often called upon to provide their special skills in less formal ways. Our members are always in demand for weddings and barmitzvahs and are expert on the protocols of the various cultures within the UK. We are often engaged to host award ceremonies, to compere corporate fundraising events and concerts, as auctioneers, and as host announcers at product launches and receptions, as well as being engaged as the traditional Toastmaster at Masonic, Round Table and Rotary events, but at every function our members are always utilising their skills as production and event co-ordinators.

Whether you are organising a high profile event or an informal occasion, a Toastmaster from the Society of London Toastmasters will help you ensure that your function is a tremendous success !

Our Founder
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Toastmaster Training

Although the Society of London Toastmasters as an organisation does not offer training in Toastmaster craft, individual members of the Society may do so. Those interested in the availability of training, regardless of prior experience, should contact the Toastmasters who are listed on the Members' page with an asterisk against their name.

Interested in Joining the Society?

From time to time the Society is able to offer membership to experienced Toastmasters whose skills are expected to meet the highest possible standards. Those interested in applying should contact the Hon Secretary. 

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